Guns in Church?

It’s a tough subject. Should churches have a plan for safety that includes armed congregants? Should Christians shoot in self defense? Hopefully we won’t ever face that choice. However, if someone causes a life threat for those we love, is it best to do nothing?
There are trainings available for churches and schools that provide self defense (some plans with guns, and others without). Ultimately, churches and individuals need to make a plan for keeping themselves and others safe in church and out in daily life. If we do not have a plan, times of danger will be more chaotic and stressful.
Having a safety plan for church services in today’s world is necessary. We all think it won’t happen to us, and we hope that’s true. We have always taken precautions in case of a fire, and now we need to add a plan for an attack at any time. We must seek God’s will and His Word when making these plans. is a resource that may be a good starting point for a church security plan.


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