Profitable Year-End IM Board Meeting 

Antioch, TN— The Board of IM, Inc. met in a year-end session December 11-12, 2019, in the Antioch, Tennessee, office.

General Director Clint Morgan reflected, “The December board meeting is over and, once again, the diversity of personalities and perspectives proved profitable as we discussed matters of importance concerning Free Will Baptist global ministries.”

The board welcomed new board members Darren Walker and Casey Cariker, heard reports from the leadership team, reviewed financial reports and budgets, considered and acted on proposals, and interviewed candidates.

Candidate shepherd Neil Gilliland brought five couples and two single adults to the board for interviews. “Praise the Lord,” IM Board Chairman Jeff Manning exulted. “He’s still calling people into His harvest, and humble servants are still answering that call.” Following interviews, the board:

·       Appointed David (Kentucky) and Myriam Reeves (France) as career missionaries to France. David and Mimi recently completed their two-year internship and will continue working with the JPENSE team in France. 

·       Approved Ken and Jayne Cash(North Carolina) as two-year interns to Bulgaria. 

·       Adam and Carol Duncan (Missouri) were approved to work with our partner ministry, Jungle Kids for Christ in Ecuador. They will serve as short-term interns as a counselor and nurse, respectively.

·       Approved Walt Schorsack, Jr.(Oklahoma) as a two-year intern to Japan.

·       Approved Sam and Lauren Riggs(Tennessee) as two-year interns serving in Spain.

·       Approved Annabelle Ellis(Tennessee) as a two-year intern to Tokyo, Japan.

·       Approved Joshua and Bethany (Tennessee) as two-year interns with The Hanna Project in Spain.

·       Extended Victoria Little’s internship status for one year. Victoria recently completed her internship in Kenya and will use the next year to assist IM’s mobilization department with College Missions Programs (CMP), developing discipleship programs, recruiting, and investing in the lives of college students interested in missions.

“I am truly thankful,” General Director Clint Morgan expressed, “for an amazing board that comprehends the urgency of the task and the necessity of sending out qualified missionaries.” 

The board approved a budget of $10.5 million for 2020 including operational ministries, IMpact projects, The Hanna Project trips and projects, and potential new candidates.

All board members (Jeff Manning, chairman, NC; Jeff Nichols, vice-chairman, TN; Mark Price, secretary, OH; Janice Banks, TX; Casey Cariker, OK; Will Harmon, AR; Cameron Lane, AR; Darren Walker, NC; and Rodney Yerby, AL) participated in the meeting.

Deborah St. LawrenceCommunications Manager

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