Randall Students at Oklahoma Prayerfest

Students had an opportunity to participate in a prayerfest, and one student’s reflections are inspiring:

“This season of life has been incredibly difficult for me personally. There have been many times when I have had to lean into my head knowledge and the reading of Scripture to remind myself that God is trustworthy, even if in my flesh I am forgetful of that. I am still deeply in love with the richness of Jesus and committed to knowing Him more fully despite the pain. It was initially challenging to open my heart to what the Holy Spirit had in store for that time. I wanted to stay stiff-necked and stubborn instead of allowing the Spirit to do what only He can. It took prayer and the surrender of my feelings to be in a position of worship. In the end, the experience became a refreshing breath of air for my lungs.”

To read more go to: https://ru.edu/about-randall/news-events/serving-through-prayer/


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