Great Missions News


Last week we needed some paperwork translated by an official court-approved translator. We sent the translator our home address so she could mail us the final translated papers. Tim just happened to be on the street one day in front of our apartment when he saw a delivery truck with someone looking towards our building with a lost look in his eyes. Tim walked over to help him, and guess what he was trying to deliver? Our official papers! (The problem was that the translator didn’t write our address correctly, so the delivery man wasn’t sure where to go.) But God happened to put Tim out walking our dog at the very moment the man drove up. GREAT things He has done!

Kristi has been trying to find a way to work with the town hall of one of our target areas on a photography project. After three visits to the town hall and numerous phone calls and voice messages, last week she actually made it past the secretary at the front door and upstairs to the office that she was trying to contact. Red tape and bureaucracy here can be very frustrating, so just this tiny step towards working on this project is something to be celebrated. GREAT things He has done!

A few weeks ago, we were in southern Spain helping our THP workers with a video and photo project. The final day, we were in a crowded park area taking some photos of their family. That afternoon as we were in the car driving back to Madrid, we realized we were missing one of the SD cards for the camera. We contacted our friends and they immediately drove to the park and scoured the area where we’d been taking photos. And over in the plants beside the pathway…where probably hundreds of people had passed that day…they found the SD card. GREAT things He has done!

Some of these things may seem small to you, but we know that God orchestrated each one of them in His perfect timing. He knew how to deliver the urgent package to our house, even with an incorrect address. He knew the moment when the secretary’s computer at the town hall would need to be rebooted and she would want to take a break and personally walk Kristi upstairs to the right office. And He kept our SD card from being stepped on or picked up by someone in the busy park that day. To God be the glory…GREAT things He has done!” – Tim Johnson


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