Prayers for Ivory Coast Destruction

“Yesterday I received word that the village of Patricekro, in southwest Ivory Coast, was leveled by bulldozers on Thursday and Friday of this week. Apparently, this large village was built years ago on land considered part of a National Forest.

We have/had a FWB church in this village led by Pastor Henoc Hien. The church has an attendance of a little over 100. The pastor and all the members have been left homeless and have lost many of their belongings.

Two years ago IM paid for the roof for their new building (which has now been leveled) with funds from the WMO (World Missions Offering), as seen in the picture below. The inside pictures are from a service this year. Please pray for these dear brothers as they recover from this ordeal and that the church will find a way to relocate elsewhere.” – Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton


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