Picirilli Book Release Coming Soon

“Randall House to release Free Will Baptist History: Exploring Our Origins & Identity

(Nashville, Tennessee) On November 26, 2019, Randall House and author Robert E. Picirilli will release Free Will Baptist History: Exploring Our Origins & Identity.

About the book: This work is full of rich, historical detail on Free Will Baptist history. Dr. Picirilli provides thoroughly researched stories of people, state associations, and institutions that contributed to the growth and organization of this denomination. The author presents historical facts while maintaining interesting details that keep the reader engaged. Key people discussed in this work include A. M. Stewart, D. J. Apperson, Redding Moore, J. W. Lucas, and others. Readers will be reminded how God uses ordinary people to build His kingdom through the local church. 

Features include: This work provides a fresher and clearer picture of the rich history of Free Will Baptists. Stories are preserved in full detail from careful research to pass along to the next generation. Topics in the work include: the Free Will Baptist Covenant, the founding of the Free Will Baptist work in Texas, Free Will Baptist participation in the Unity Movements, the Free Will Baptist school in Unicio, the early history of the Christian Workers Institutes, along with several other valuable pieces of denominational history. Dr. Picirilli has a passion for preserving the stories of people and places that impact future generations of Free Will Baptists. 

About the author: Robert E. Picirilli completed his degrees at Welch College (B.A.) and Bob Jones University (M.A., Ph.D.) and spent his career teaching and in academic administration at Welch, specializing in the Greek New Testament. He has authored or co-authored several books including Grace, Faith, Free Will; Discipleship; and Teacher, Leader, Shepherd. He has also written several articles published in theological journals and served as the General Editor for the Randall House Bible Commentary Series. Dr. Picirilli also served as president of the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges and moderator of the National Association of Free Will Baptists. Dr. Picirilli lives in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Contact: Lena Wooten

          ​    Director of Marketing

​    (615) 361-1221 ext. 308

​    lena.wooten@randallhouse.com 


615-361-1221 · 800-877-7030 · fax 615-367-0535”


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