Campus Days Success

“On October 24–26, 2019, we held our Fall Campus Days event on campus. Designed specifically for high school students, Campus Days is a unique opportunity to get a firsthand taste of life on a college campus.

If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed:

  • 30+ high school kids who are excited about college and Jesus!
  • intense rounds of dodgeball
  • volleyball tournament
  • new friendships
  • fellowship with like-minded Christian college students
  • meeting professors and staff and getting to know them personally
  • seeing students crack eggs all over their head in our pre-service games
  • Amazing Race and other activities

We were privileged to have over 30 high school students join us for the event—our largest group to date! We held a student-led worship service Thursday evening, followed by games and activities throughout campus. On Friday morning, each high school student was paired up with a Randall student who shared a major interest and together they attended classes. Our Apologetics and Christian Ethics classes, taught by Mr. Denny Kuhn, were especially packed! After dinner on Friday, students attended the volleyball tournament taking place on campus, followed by activities in the gym. Then, on Saturday morning, we gathered in the Student Center for donuts and fellowship as we prepared for our final activity—the Amazing Race game. This game had students race all over campus completing various tasks and games in order to be the first team to cross the finish line. The winning team had a chance to spin for various prizes and all four students won a new RU hoodie! 

Campus Days Fall 2019 was a hit and we were so blessed to meet all the students who attended. We hope to see many of them back on campus in the future, as Randall students!”


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