Randall University Elects New President

Robert G. Thompson Elected as Tenth President of Randall University

On October 8, 2019, the Board of Trustees of Randall University unanimously elected Reverend Robert G. Thompson as the next President of Randall University. Robert ‘Bob’ Thompson, who has served as Randall’s Vice President for Institutional Advancement for over 18 years, will begin his term as President effective January 1, 2020. Bob succeeds Dr. Timothy W. Eaton, who has agreed to serve as Chancellor of Randall University.

In expressing his thanks to the Board, President-Elect Thompson said, “With the help of God, I will do my best to fulfill the mission of Randall University.”

Bob Thompson, a third-generation Free Will Baptist, is the son of Rev. Bailey and Barbara Thompson. He has been married to Carol Christian Thompson for 47 years. They met when they were both students at Randall University (then Oklahoma Bible College). The Thompsons have three children—Christina, Cory, and Craig—as well as six grandchildren.

Over his years of ministry, Bob has pastored churches in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Before joining the administration of Randall, he served as the Director of the Arkansas State Youth Camp. Bob has been active among Free Will Baptists by serving in numerous leadership positions at the district, state, and national levels. He is currently serving as a member of the Foundation Board for the National Association of Free Will Baptists, Inc.

Dick Terry, Chairman of the Randall University Board of Trustees, extends his thanks to the Presidential Search Committee, the Randall Board Members, candidates, alumni, and constituents engaged in the process. Chairman Terry requests continued prayers for the success of Randall University students, staff, and President Thompson.

“Beloved by God and called to be saints.” – Romans 1:7


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