All worth it

We get tired.

We get stressed.

We get criticized.

We get all kinds of reasons to just stop and be selfish with our time and resources.

But, when we chose God’s way, it’s all worth it – Worth the pain, exhaustion and problems.

We don’t always see results, but when we do, we remember even more that it’s all worth it.

Our church feeds the homeless at the park monthly and it’s hot and exhausting. This is a forgotten and difficult crowd and we love them.

Last week a regular park attendee took her last breath. Just the week before she told a church member at the food stamp office how the messages and prayers in the park helped her decide to give her life to God and live for Him alone!!!

It broke my heart because people like her have nothing to give to the church, so they are forgotten. We’ve been told by multiple people that they have been kicked out of churches because they didn’t look right. Those people have come to our church and are welcomed with open arms (regardless of their looks or smells).

I don’t say any of this so we will look good. I even hesitated to write this because it can be taken that way. I say this because I want to encourage you who are worn out in ministry – IT IS WORTH IT!!!

We won’t always know what impact we have by following God’s will, and even when we don’t know what difference we make, it’s still worth it all!

– A Worn Out Pastor’s Wife


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