Meeting Information

Hi everyone,

I’ve received word that the West Fork District meeting is on Saturday, February 1 (which is consistent with their meeting schedule that I received some time ago, but I’m glad to get confirmation that it is still current).  So, we’ll need to move the date of the ABM one week earlier, to Jan 23-25. 

Also, in response to some questions I’ve received, this is not a meeting that takes place over three full days.  Typically, the Mission Board is the only one that meets on Thursday, though the other boards can do so if they need to.  Everyone meets on Friday, often not starting until Friday afternoon, but, again, each board can start earlier in the day if there is enough business they need to cover.  Saturday morning consists of a wrap-up session when all of the boards report out on what they’ve accomplished at the meeting and what their upcoming plans and key dates are; we’re usually through on Saturday morning by 10:00 AM.  I failed to remember that we have a  larger number of new board members this time around, and so not everyone is familiar with the schedule; I apologize that I didn’t provide that explanation in my first e-mail.

If you have any other questions about the ABM, please let me know.


Marcus Brewer

Moderator/State Office Coordinator


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