Randall House Releases First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts: Marriage

Randall House and author Edward E. Moody, Jr. Ph.D., have released First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts: Marriage.

About the book: First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts: Marriage is a comprehensive resource for marriage counseling. Does a happy well functioning marriage seem out of reach to you? This booklet offers hope and direction toward a lifetime of love and meaningful connection. Dr. Moody shares valuable insight into improving your marriage. He guides you through steps leading to a genuinely fulfilling relationship. Readers will discover effective ways to communicate and deal with problems common in marriage. It is vital for you to understand that the quality of your marriage impacts every area of your life.

Features include: This booklet navigates the rough waters of healing marriages that are struggling. Dr. Moody shares tools to analyze the current state of a marriage along with addressing significant challenges faced in a relationship. Readers will learn practical strategies to build and maintain a solid marriage. The author gives outstanding advice supported with biblical truth. A list of resources for further help is available at www.FirstAidForYourEmotionalHurts.com.

About the author: Edward E. Moody Jr. has been a counselor educator at North Carolina Central University since 1995. He is a professor of counselor education and associate dean of the school of education. He also serves as pastor at Tippett’s Chapel in Clayton, North Carolina. He has a Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in counselor education, an M.A. from Middle Tennessee State University in clinical psychology, and a B.A. from Welch College in pastoral training. He is a licensed professional counselor supervisor as well as a licensed health services provider-psychological associate. The Licensed Professor Counselor Association of North Carolina honored him as Counselor of the Year in 2016. He and his wife, Lynne, live in North Carolina, along with their two children.

For ordering information, contact:

Lena Wooten
Director of Marketing
(615) 361-1221 ext. 308


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