National Association Adopts Mission Name Change

IM Logo Standard

Antioch, TN—Delegates to the 82nd session of the National Association of Free Will Baptists voted in favor of changing the Mission’s legal name from the Board of International Missions of the National Association of Free Will Baptists, Inc. to a succinct IM, Inc. on Wednesday, July 25.

“Our name does not change us as a Mission one iota,” stressed General Director Clint Morgan. “However, it may open a door to share the gospel with people whose lives will be changed for eternity.”

Morgan presented the motion for the Mission’s name change when the National Association convened in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2017. He outlined multiple reasons the change “just makes sense”:

  • The length of the legal name makes preparing legal documents cumbersome and difficult;
  • Removing red-flag words such as “Baptist” and “missions” from the name will assist visa requests in some countries;
  • Welch College changed their name for similar reasons as that above;
  • Many people know the Mission as IM, so it’s not an uncomfortable change.

Delegates in Little Rock, Arkansas, agreed as the motion passed with no discussion and no dissenting votes.

“I’m thrilled about the name change and the new logo,” stated Board Chairman Jeff Manning. “After all, the Mission has long been known as IM. With the official change, we have a sharp, clean logo that both compliments the name and speaks volumes when its symbolic components are explained.”

The new logo features a mosaic globe representing the multicultural aspects of global missions ministry.  Subtly woven into the globe, the ancient ichthus is reminiscent of the historic way the Early Church identified one another during an era of persecution.

Morgan assured delegates the Mission will not change its purpose, mission statement, focus, goals and objectives, nor internal elements of its organizational charter.


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