Underfunded Missionary Accounts Begin Decline

Free Will Baptist International Missions CFO Robert Conley released missionary balances as of February 28. “We are only two months into the new year, yet already four accounts show deficits after beginning the year at zero or with a surplus,” Rob confirmed. “Another 11 accounts are underfunded, meaning they have balances below established thresholds to sustain them long term.”

Accounts in the red at the end of February are: 

Each of these accounts reflects vital ministry.

  • Brother Carlisle’s account helps support pastors in India who travel extensively, holding services in churches throughout the week as well as on weekends.
  • The Torrisons are one of two missionary families tilling the soil in the hard ground of Uruguay.
  • Lázaro and Ariadna train pastors and leaders in Cuba and Panama, as well as supporting Hispanic ministry in the States.
  • The Teagues spearhead the JPense team providing wisdom and experience for the energetic, young team reaching young adults in France.

In addition to those in the red, 11 accounts are in the black but underfunded.

Ministries in Japan (the Japanese are the second largest unreached people group).

Ministries in France (France’s humanistic philosophies are so entrenched in its people that less than 2% of the population knows Christ).

  • Steve and Becky Riggs (+$4,669.36) are planting a church in a previously unreached town.
  • Matt and Cristina Price (+$8801.20) work with international students, who in turn can take the gospel to countries closed to missionaries.

Spain (Spain also has hundreds of pueblos without any hint of the gospel).

Additional mission works

  • Tyler and Kellie Penn (+$5,623.87) serve international university students in the States, sharing their lives and the gospel with students from closed countries.
  • David and Angie Outlaw (+$6,573.41) (Though David and Angie submitted their resignation earlier this month, they want to finish strong and leave a balance to fund continued ministry in Central Asia.)
  • Jerry and Barbara Gibbs (+$8,192.11), based in the States, represent the Mission in conferences and missions events, building awareness of the global need and how God is working around the world.
  • In the early stages of fundraising, Allison (+$4,899.56) and Daniel and Shelby Culwell (+$2,422.74) plan to assist workers in France and Japan, respectively.

“Find at least one missionary among those listed here and pledge to support them monthly,” implored General Director Clint Morgan. “Each of these missionaries will have opportunities to share the gospel with people we’ll never meet this side of eternity…if they have the funds to serve. They responded to the Lord of the Harvest and agreed to go. Let’s ask Him how we should help them.”

The Texas Challenge echoes Bro. Morgan’s sentiments. We challenge you to faithfully support one or more of these laborers, and to pray for a bountiful harvest.


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