Outlaws Resign From Mission

Antioch, TN—The Board of Free Will Baptist International Missions voted to accept the resignation of David and Angie Outlaw from missionary service MARCH 12, 2018. The Outlaws submitted an official letter of resignation to Free Will Baptist International Missions, explaining, “David desires to resume a constant pulpit ministry that involves the continual exposition of Scripture and leadership in a local church. The One who sovereignly led us from the pastorate to the foot of the Tien Shan Mountains now leads us toward our next task…Though we do not yet have a church to pastor, we are issuing a 90-day notice to resign our positions at FWBIM effective March 1.”


Appointed to missionary service in April 2006, David and Angie served five years sharing the gospel and teaching national leaders in Central Asia. Angie taught English courses, led outreach events, and served alongside IM partners at a humanitarian aid organization. David worked to equip national believers and church leaders, teaching the necessary theology and leadership principles to build generations of Central Asian Christians.

As visas became increasingly difficult to obtain and living in Central Asia was no longer feasible, David and Angie transitioned to traveling to Central Asia several times a year while expanding their teaching and training ministry to Russia, Panama, Cuba, and South Korea. With Nashville as their home base, David and Angie also worked over the last several years with North American churches to raise awareness for missions and a passion for the lost through conferences, events, and services.

“David and Angie are gifted people who played an amazingly strategic role in opening ministry possibilities for IM in Central Asia. I know their passion for souls will drive them wherever God leads them. They have served honorably over the last 12 years and leave with our blessings and prayers,” stated General Director Clint Morgan.

Director of Field Personnel Curt Holland agreed, saying, “David and Angie are a talented couple, passionate about the advancement of the Kingdom.”

David and Angie explained, “Our plan is to continue training pastors in Central Asia with IM (taking about four weeks throughout the year, probably two trips), as a church will allow. As a result, we ask our supporters to continue giving to our account through May. Since our love and relationship with Central Asia will continue, we also encourage our supporters to continue supporting the partnership in Central Asia or designate that money to the WMO.”

Added Angie, in a Facebook post, “Nothing’s changing, except our location. And we actually don’t even know what God’s next location for us is but we know that he is faithful. It has been a privilege for us to be a part of that IM family, and we will always be part of that family still serving and training leaders in Central Asia, and anywhere they will have us! And in between, will share the Word and serve people from the local church.”

Let’s continue to pray for the Outlaws, as they follow the Lord’s direction in their ministry.



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