E-Team Spotlight – Kayleigh Horton

Texas Free Will Baptists are proud to have several students participating in E-Team and/or Truth & Peace. We applaud their desire to serve the Lord and grow in their faith, but we also know the financial cost is great. The Texas Challenge is happy to spotlight each student over the next few days. Please consider supporting each of them as you are able.

Today our spotlight is on Kayleigh Horton (Collin Creek, Plano) who is going to St. Croix.


My name is Kayleigh Horton. I am a member of Collin Creek Church in Plano, Texas. I am 16 years old and attend Wylie East High School. I have been selected by Free Will Baptist International Missions to serve this summer as a member of ETEAM St. Croix 2018. I am very excited that I have been chosen for this amazing opportunity to serve the Lord. I have been praying for God’s providence in receiving aid, both spiritual and material, for this mission to serve the people in St. Croix. I ask that prayers be offered up as I prepare to go on this mission trip. I also ask that, God willing, my financial needs would be met. The total cost of this trip that falls on me is $3700. I must have half paid off by February 15, and the remaining by May 1st. All contributions, whether prayer or a financial donation, are heavily appreciated.

Thank you in aiding me to do God’s work.


Kayleigh Horton

Click HERE to donate to Kayleigh’s account.


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