Carthage Church Holds Revival

The Theme Was “Unified in Christ”

Revival services were held October 15-18, at First Free Will Baptist Church in Carthage. East Texas Pastors shared evangelist duties as they rallied attendees each night around the theme “Unified in Christ.”

Each night featured robust congregational singing, and joyous special music was provided by Carthage’s praise team and various soloists from around the district. Brother Shane King (First, Carthage) was a great host, and his passion was contagious, as he prayed and pleaded with his own congregation and visiting churches to come together as one in Christ.

Dail Andrews (Good Hope, Henderson) preached Sunday night. His message was “Unified in the Lord” from the text 1 Samuel 7:3. Bro. Dail emphasized that effective unity in the body of Christ requires everyone hearing the message, turning to Him, and putting away all idols (anything that takes you away from God). He challenged the congregation to recommit to consistent daily Bible reading  and prayer. It is most important that Christians spend time with the Lord.

Dail Andrews and Shane King

On Monday, John Voss (Mt. Union, Garrison) delivered a message from 2 Corinthians 4:10, “Let Them See Jesus in You.” Many times the trials and tribulations we endure can cause us to retreat unto ourselves. But Pastor John boldly proclaimed that we should not lose heart in the valleys. Not only does God give you a new heart in salvation and open your eyes in faith, but he calls you into a body of believers who have experienced the same. The unity we experience in Christ becomes an encouragement to all of us.

John Voss and Bro. Shane

Wade Rector (Buncombe, Carthage) brought the message on Tuesday night. His text was 1 John 4:7, and he preached that the church cannot have unity without love. One cannot have love without God in his life. Every exhortation in Scripture is born out of God’s love for us. Bro. Wade delivered a biblical exhortation for those in attendance to repent of their sins and let Jesus do the changing in their lives.

Wade Rector, Mark Headrick, Bro. Shane, Bro. John, Lee Rogers



The revival concluded on Wednesday night with Mark Headrick (First, Henderson) preaching a sermon based on John 17:20-26. Jesus prayed to the Father for the unity of the church. Therefore it is a prayer only God can answer. But if we resist God’s unifying work among believers, we are in rebellion against Him. Bro. Mark exposited though Jesus’s prayer that the church’s unity becomes a living testimony of the gospel as it is outlined in John 3:16. He challenged the congregation to realize when we don’t live in unity with other believers, our message becomes a lie in the eyes of the world.

Frank Miller, Bro. Mark, Bro. Shane


The revival was well attended each night, and all were blessed who came. The week brought a truth and a challenge we will not soon forget, nor must we.  May God continue to revive our hearts.


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