Midweek Missions Moment

Every Wednesday, The Texas Challenge will try to bring you an update from a missionary with Texas Home Missions or Free Will Baptist International Missions. Today we are pleased to bring another update from Anthony Edgmon, Missionary to Spain.
FAMILY: We thank the Lord that our kids have adapted well to the school system in Munford, TN.  The area that has been of most concern for us, has been English Language Arts since our kids very limited English grammar instruction in Spanish schools.  They have both done surprisingly well though.  We have been apart from each other a decent amount, because of traveling to report on our ministry and raise funds.  This was the first time I can remember that we have not all been together on the anniversary of losing our triplet daughters – Oct. 27.  Eighteen years ago they went to be with their heavenly Father during the sixth month of the pregnancy.  God has been a very present help through it all.  We are thankful that He saw fit to give us Emily and Marc.  They are a treasure from the Lord.
WEATHER: The highs in Alpedrete for the next couple of days will be in the low 60s and then the mid to low 50s.  There is a little rain in the forecast which is much needed.
IN THE NEWS: Regarding the Independence vote of Catalonia from Spain, the National government on Saturday “let go” all of the regional government officials and the regional parliament, following the directives of Article 155 of the current Spanish Constitution.  There will be new elections for the regional government in Catalonia on Dec. 21.  The whole ordeal seems to have created a lot of tension, both political and social, in Spain.  It is effecting the economy to some degree as well.  In fact over 1,500 businesses have moved their headquarters from Catalonia to some other part of Spain.  Please continue to pray for Spain.
Spain is in the midst of a drought.  Usually by now, the rains should have started coming.  This summer was an especially dry one.  One newspaper states that the province of Vigo in northwestern Spain (Galicia) is in high alert because of the drought.  It states that there is water for 104 days!!  A few weeks ago there were also some major forrest fires in this region of Spain and in northern Portugal.  Please pray for rain for Spain.  (We need it to not just stay mainly on the plain… ha! ha! ha!)
Just a few days ago we received the tragic news that the 40-year-old man who runs the chicken department at a local grocery store that we frequent in Alpedrete was killed in a motorcycle accident.  This truly saddens our hearts.
The current exchange rate is 1 euro = $1.16.
CHURCH / MINISTRY:  Continue to pray for Alpedrete’s nursing home ministry, the youth and children outreach on Fridays, preparations for the Christmas musical in Alpedrete and possibly Moralzarzal.  Pray for the Villalba/Glalapagar Church that is without a pastor.  Jhon Fredy and his family have decided to remain in England at least for the time being.  Pray for the Alcalá Church that is looking to sale their small storefront and find a larger meeting place.  We are getting close but please pray also that we will achieve the remaining funding needed for our ministry account.
Here is a schedule of where we will be in the next four weeks.  If we are in your area, we’d love to see you.
Nov. 4 – Anthony will be at the Mid-Atlantic Conference meeting at the Cross Keys Fellowship Church in New Oxford, PA
Nov. 5 AM – Anthony will be sharing at the Cross Keys Fellowship Church in New Oxford, PA
Nov. 9-11 – We will be taking our daughter to Welcome Days at Welch College in Nashville, TN and our son will attend the TN State Youth Retreat in Pigeon Forge, TN
Nov. 12 AM – our family will be sharing at Bethel FWB Church in Chapmansboro, TN
Nov. 19 AM – our family will be sharing at The Way Fellowship in Pembroke Pines, FL
Nov. 19 PM – our family will be sharing at Calvary Fellowship FWB Church in Hollywood, FL
Nov. 26 AM – our family will be sharing at Liberty FWB Church in Millington, TN
There is a possibility that we may have some additional services in November, but they are not confirmed yet.
Anthony & Lea Edgmon

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