Revival in East Texas

God Moved Mightily at Mt. Union

by John Voss (Mt. Union, Garrison)

What a wonderful time! Mt. Union started revival by prayer. We had prayer meetings in homes of parishioners several nights before the revival. The Lord moves in great ways when men and women pray in unity.

Rev. John Voss (Mt. Union, Garrison) and Rev. Shane King (First, Carthage)

Brother Shane King (First, Carthage) was the evangelist and brought God inspired words. We should be diligent, we should be humble, and we should love. Those were the topics of his sermons. We saw God move, with one young lady rededicating her life, and one young lady getting saved.

Kassie put her faith in Christ at the revival and will be baptized on Sunday.

True revival starts in the heart of man and proceeds outward to all that will hear. We give Jesus the glory, and look forward to the great things he will do in the lives of us and our children.

We also had Mrs. Clara Little celebrate her 103rd birthday. Happy Birthday Mrs. Clara!


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