Article from Becky Gwartney

Dodging Darts of Discouragement to Discover the Best Version of MeBy Becky Gwartney I love the study of personalities—learning about the various distinctions in others and realizing God created them that way…for a reason.  This realization has been life-changing and grace-giving for me. Before I studied personalities, I tended to judge others based on whatContinue reading “Article from Becky Gwartney”

WNAC Accepting Applications

“As you probably already know, Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges has announced her resignation as the WNAC Executive Director. The Search Committee is accepting applications for a replacement.  We are asking you, as State Promotional Directors, to let the ladies in your state know of this opening.  If there is a woman who is interested in applyingContinue reading “WNAC Accepting Applications”

Wokeness, Cancel Culture, and Christianity Redefined

This is an interesting time to live, to say the least. It’s become “normal” (I think that word even has new meanings now) to hear phrases like, “this is unprecedented” and “I’ve never lived through anything like this before.” Now, my teenage daughter schools me (seems like daily) on words or phrases I don’t know.Continue reading “Wokeness, Cancel Culture, and Christianity Redefined”

Student Intern Opportunity

“Calling all FWB college students: we need you! The 2021 Free Will Baptist National Convention will be held July 18-21 in Memphis, Tennessee. We are looking for college interns who want a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the convention, including its inner workings, organizational structure, and management. Participants will gain experience and insight in areas suchContinue reading “Student Intern Opportunity”

National Convention Information

“Executive Secretary Eddie Moody is joined by Derek Altom and Danny Conn of Vertical Three Ministries to preview the 2021 National Convention at the Renasant Convention Center July 18-21 in Memphis, Tennessee. Pre-Registration will open April 1 and housing opens May 10. More information will be available in the April-May issue of ONE Magazine andContinue reading “National Convention Information”

This Saturday Central Texas WAC Meeting

Saturday, March 6, 9:45 am “Registration begins at 9:45. Our host church is providing brunch at 10:00 followed by our business meeting and devotion “Just a Few of My Favorite Things”. Please bring a favorite item from your home and be ready to share why it is special to you.” Lakehills 1580 Cypress Creek RdCedarContinue reading “This Saturday Central Texas WAC Meeting”