Texas State FWB Men’s Retreat

Men, join us for the Texas State Fee Will Baptist Men’s Retreat, October 19-20, 2018, at Camp of the Hills in Marble Falls, Texas.

This year’s theme is Mission: Texas based on Romans 10:14-15a

Scheduled speakers are:
Heath Ferguson, Kyle Howell, Jeremy Lightsey, Randall Wright

The cost is just $65 per person.

See the schedule below.

If you have any questions, email Baxter Horton or call 972-742-6860.

mission texas faces

2018 Men’s Retreat Schedule

Friday, October 19th

1:00pm – Camp open for arrival time
4:00pm – Registration opens
6:00pm – Snacks Available
8:30pm – Session #1

Saturday, October 20th

8:00am – Breakfast
8:45am – Session #2
9:30am – Session #3
10:45am – Group Activities
12:30pm – Lunch
1:15pm – Session #4
2:00pm – Hit the road to home

Camp of the Hills is located at 1552 CR 344 Marble Falls, TX

Master’s Men Prepares for Hurricane Florence

The following announcement is from Free Will Baptist Master’s Men Headquarters:

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As you are already aware, Hurricane Florence is headed for the eastern coast of the U S., specifically North and South Carolina.

While it is set to make landfall some time on Thursday, we need to be preparing now. We will be corresponding with local leaders in those states to help coordinate when and where we are needed the most. Please keep up with us on Facebook and our website, www.fwbmastersmen.org .

If you are able to go and help, please contact our office and we will notify you when plans are finalized. Keep in mind, first responders will need to complete their mission as well as FEMA and other government entities before we can get in.

If you wish to donate to this cause, you can go to our website and give online through PayPal.

Please be praying for those that will be affected by this impending disaster.

New Feet Washing Book Published


Thurmon Murphy, a retired Free Will Baptist Pastor, and former editor of The Texas Challenge, has authored a new book called Feet Washing: Heritage | Answers| Application, published by FWB Publications (Columbus. Ohio).


As stated on the back cover: “This book explores the history of feet washing from the early days of the Randall Movement in America, and touches on the Palmer movement, to show that the historic position on the subject, the full Free Will Baptist heritage on feet washing, is that feet washing is up to the individual church and the individual person. In other words, according to Murphy, feet washing is optional. Regardless of your view on the subject you will be better informed on both sides of the issue if you read this book.”


“The book gives arguments both for and against the practice of washing feet as a gospel ordinance and it explains in some detail why those of us who do not wash feet do not do so,” said Murphy. “This is an especially appropriate time for the publication of this book because of the fact that the majority of Free Will Baptists currently do not practice feet washing.”

Feet Washing is available from Amazon, FWB Publications, or by emailing Thurmon Murphy .

New Offers From Randall House

Randall House is excited to share with you a new book from The Randall House Bible Commentary Series: Acts by Danny Dwyer and General Editor, Robert E. Picirilli. They have two special promotions for you to check out for this informative resource. To purchase go to: store.randallhouse.com


Randall House is also running a promotion on the First Aid Kit by Edward E. Moody, Jr., Ph.D. The kit includes 10 booklets plus the Big Book for $59.99. This is a wonderful resource for those in ministry that are helping people during a difficult time. Here is a link to purchase: store.randallhouse.com

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Randall House Releases First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts: Marriage

Randall House and author Edward E. Moody, Jr. Ph.D., have released First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts: Marriage.

About the book: First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts: Marriage is a comprehensive resource for marriage counseling. Does a happy well functioning marriage seem out of reach to you? This booklet offers hope and direction toward a lifetime of love and meaningful connection. Dr. Moody shares valuable insight into improving your marriage. He guides you through steps leading to a genuinely fulfilling relationship. Readers will discover effective ways to communicate and deal with problems common in marriage. It is vital for you to understand that the quality of your marriage impacts every area of your life.

Features include: This booklet navigates the rough waters of healing marriages that are struggling. Dr. Moody shares tools to analyze the current state of a marriage along with addressing significant challenges faced in a relationship. Readers will learn practical strategies to build and maintain a solid marriage. The author gives outstanding advice supported with biblical truth. A list of resources for further help is available at www.FirstAidForYourEmotionalHurts.com.

About the author: Edward E. Moody Jr. has been a counselor educator at North Carolina Central University since 1995. He is a professor of counselor education and associate dean of the school of education. He also serves as pastor at Tippett’s Chapel in Clayton, North Carolina. He has a Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in counselor education, an M.A. from Middle Tennessee State University in clinical psychology, and a B.A. from Welch College in pastoral training. He is a licensed professional counselor supervisor as well as a licensed health services provider-psychological associate. The Licensed Professor Counselor Association of North Carolina honored him as Counselor of the Year in 2016. He and his wife, Lynne, live in North Carolina, along with their two children.

For ordering information, contact:

Lena Wooten
Director of Marketing
(615) 361-1221 ext. 308

Randall House Releases Family Ministry Book

Randall House and author Chris Shirley, Ph.D., have released Family Ministry and The Church: A Leader’s Guide For Ministry Through Families.

About the book: Family Ministry and The Church: A Leader’s Guide For Ministry Through
Families is a comprehensive resource on family ministry. Chris Shirley and his contributors provide a guide to establish a theological and practical framework for family ministry both inside and outside the church. Dr. Shirley helps the reader discover the role of the church in strengthening families and equipping them for ministry. The writers open a window showing practical steps to provide comprehensive spiritual development for every family member at any life stage. Families today face tremendous cultural and spiritual challenges. This calls for vigilance among the body of Christ and its leaders to build a solid discipleship framework.

Features include: This work is an excellent resource for ministry leaders as well as college and seminary students. Topics included in the work are defining family ministry, equipping every member of the family for ministry, the pastor’s leadership, strengthening marriages and parents, equipping grandparents, biblical responses to contemporary family issues, and several more. Chris Shirley is joined in writing this work by the following contributors: Scott Floyd, Brian Haynes, Karen Kennemur, Richard Ross, and Paul Stutz.

About the author: Chris Shirley, Ph.D. serves as associate professor and program director for the Master of Arts in Discipleship and Master of Arts in Student Ministry at Dallas Baptist University (DBU). Prior to his call to DBU, Dr. Shirley taught in the Terry School of Church and Family Ministries at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he taught in the discipleship and family ministry area. Dr. Shirley has also served for over 20 years in Christian camping and local churches in North Carolina and Texas. Dr. Shirley is a frequent conference and workshop speaker in a variety of areas: family ministry, men’s discipleship, older adult ministry, adult education, and teacher training. In addition, he has written youth and adult Sunday School curriculum, adult and youth Vacation Bible School literature, and Bible book studies.

For ordering information, contact:

Lena Wooten
Director of Marketing
(615) 361-1221 ext. 308

Randall House Releases The Randall House Bible Commentary: Acts

Randall House and authors Danny L. Dwyer and Robert Picirilli have released The Randall House Bible Commentary: Acts.

About the book: The Randall House Bible Commentary is a well-known commentary series with Dr. Robert Picirilli as the General Editor. This is the eleventh edition to the commentary series from Randall House. This edition offers a thorough study of the entire book of Acts using a verse-by-verse method. With Robert E. Picirilli as the General Editor, Danny Dwyer served as the writer for this edition on Acts. Besides a verse-by-verse study method, the writer also provides excellent summaries of passages and application notes for teaching the passages of Acts. Maps of Paul’s missionary journeys
are included along with a chart displaying the authorities and events of the time of Acts.

About the authors: Danny L. Dwyer has served as senior pastor of Free Will Baptist churches in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, and North Carolina. He taught Pastoral Theology and Biblical Studies at Southeastern Free Will Baptist College for fourteen years where he developed the curriculum for Pastoral Training. He earned his B.A. from Welch College in 1975, and his M.A. in 1994 and Ph.D. from Columbia Pacific University in 1999. He has authored numerous articles, position papers, and co-authored three books. He is currently administrator of ReKindle, a church revitalization
ministry of the Executive Department of the National Association of Free Will Baptists. He and his wife reside on the family home place in Tennessee.

Robert E. Picirilli received his B.A. from Free Will Baptist Bible College in 1953. Graduate studies were completed at Bob Jones University where he received the M.A. in theology in 1955 and the Ph.D. in New Testament text in 1963. He was awarded the honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by Bob Jones University in 1967.

Dr. Picirilli’s taught New Testament Greek and Interpretation at Free Will Baptist College for 47 years. He has served as Professor, Registrar, and Academic Dean on the undergraduate level and served as Professor and Academic Dean for the graduate program at his alma mater. Dr. Picirilli is Professor Emeritus at Free Will Baptist Bible College, having retired from active service in 2002.

Dr. Picirilli has had considerable experience in writing. His published works include Book of Galatians; Romans; and more recently Paul the Apostle; Grace, Faith, Free Will; Contrasting Views of Salvation: Calvinism and Arminianism. He has served as General Editor for The Randall House Bible Commentary, authored several of the commentaries.
Dr. Picirilli has been active in the Evangelical Theological Society where he has presented papers and held all of the offices in the Southeastern Section. He is a frequent contributor to denominational publications and professional theological journals.

For ordering information, contact:

Lena Wooten
Director Of Marketing
(615) 361-1221 ext. 308

Welch College Business Office Experiences Staffing Changes

GALLATIN, TN—Welch College Vice President for Financial Affairs, Craig Mahler, recently announced upcoming staffing changes in the Business Office. Jill Ketteman, who has served at the college nearly twenty years will retire on August 3. Additionally, Leigh Ann Smith recently announced her departure effective August 8.

Jill Ketteman, who is a Welch graduate, currently serves as the Financial Aid Assistant. She said, “I am so grateful for the manyopportunities to get to know the Welch students while serving in both Student Services and Financial Aid offices over the duration of my almost-20-year tenure. My Welch colleagues will remain lifelong friends.” In March Jill began discussing the possibility of reconfiguring her work schedule to devote more time to family and other interests. After prayerful consideration, she and her husband, Dr. Greg Ketteman, Welch’s Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, determined it was God’s timing for her to retire. Our college family wishes her well in retirement and congratulates Mrs. Ketteman for a job well done!

Leigh Ann Smith has served at the college as Staff Accountant since late 2013, first as a contract employee supplied by a local accounting firm. She was then hired by the college full-time in March 2014. Recently, Mrs. Smith and her family determined it was time that she drastically cut her nearly eighty mile daily commute to the college’s new campus in Gallatin. The Lipscomb University graduate will return to her alma mater to work in the Financial Aid Department and in order to be near her teenage sons who are students at Lipscomb Academy.

Smith said, “In my four years at Welch College, I have enjoyed working with wonderful men and women who love the Lord. I treasure these friendships and feel privileged to have been a part of Welch’s historic move to the Gallatin campus. The final result was worth the sacrifice and hard work.”

Mahler said, “Both these ladies have a servant’s heart and have excelled in their unique roles. I am beyond grateful for their support, faithful service, and strong love for the mission of Welch College. Jill Ketteman and Leigh Ann Smith are among the committed faculty and staff whose service results in Welch College achieving its mission to educate Christian leaders. They will be missed. The college’s administration will assess personnel needs in the Business and Financial Aid offices and determine the path forward in the near future.”

More information about Welch is available at the college’s website, www.welch.edu

National Association Adopts Mission Name Change

IM Logo Standard

Antioch, TN—Delegates to the 82nd session of the National Association of Free Will Baptists voted in favor of changing the Mission’s legal name from the Board of International Missions of the National Association of Free Will Baptists, Inc. to a succinct IM, Inc. on Wednesday, July 25.

“Our name does not change us as a Mission one iota,” stressed General Director Clint Morgan. “However, it may open a door to share the gospel with people whose lives will be changed for eternity.”

Morgan presented the motion for the Mission’s name change when the National Association convened in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2017. He outlined multiple reasons the change “just makes sense”:

  • The length of the legal name makes preparing legal documents cumbersome and difficult;
  • Removing red-flag words such as “Baptist” and “missions” from the name will assist visa requests in some countries;
  • Welch College changed their name for similar reasons as that above;
  • Many people know the Mission as IM, so it’s not an uncomfortable change.

Delegates in Little Rock, Arkansas, agreed as the motion passed with no discussion and no dissenting votes.

“I’m thrilled about the name change and the new logo,” stated Board Chairman Jeff Manning. “After all, the Mission has long been known as IM. With the official change, we have a sharp, clean logo that both compliments the name and speaks volumes when its symbolic components are explained.”

The new logo features a mosaic globe representing the multicultural aspects of global missions ministry.  Subtly woven into the globe, the ancient ichthus is reminiscent of the historic way the Early Church identified one another during an era of persecution.

Morgan assured delegates the Mission will not change its purpose, mission statement, focus, goals and objectives, nor internal elements of its organizational charter.

New IM Board Member Elected at Convention

Antioch, TN—Delegates to the 82nd session of the National Association of Free Will Baptists elected members to the Board of Free Will Baptist International Missions following General Director Clint Morgan’s report on Wednesday, July 25.

Delegates reelected Mark Price (Ohio) and Robert Posner (Texas) to another six-year term. Danny Gasperson (North Carolina) replaced Nelson Henderson (Arkansas) who served his maximum number of terms.

“Though quite sad to see Nelson Henderson rotate off the Board, Pastor Danny Gasperson is truly mission-minded,” commented General Director Clint Morgan. “He will fit perfectly with our IM board members who share an unquestionable commitment to reaching the world with the Good News of salvation.”

Danny and his wife Jackie serve Zephyr Hills Free Will Baptist Church in Asheville, North Carolina, where he has pastored for the last 18 years. The native North Carolinian has served as assistant moderator of the North Carolina Association of Free Will Baptists and mission board member of the Blue Ridge Association. Gasperson has led his church from an awareness of missions to immersion in a missions mindset. Consistently among the top-giving churches to IM’s World Missions Offering as well as overall support, the congregation hosts an annual prayer summit allowing them to meet and minister to missionaries as missionaries inform, inspire, and educate the congregation.

Gasperson has led numerous mission trips for The Hanna Project, IM’s College Missions Program, and his church. The 58-year-old also participates in IM’s Go Global seminars on a regular basis, coordinates and instructs Perspectives on the World Christian Movement in western North Carolina, serves local needs through a food pantry ministry, and promotes IM and The Hanna Project within his association and beyond. Married to Jackie for 36 years, Danny has a son Joshua and daughter Rebecca (Fischer) and two grandsons.

“We are pleased to welcome Danny to the IM Board,” stated Board Chairman Jeff Manning. “His passion for global missions has been evidenced over several years. I fully expect Danny to be an excellent board member.”

Gasperson joins Dr. Jeff Manning (chairman, North Carolina), Jeff Nichols (vice-chairman, Tennessee), Mark Price (secretary, Ohio), Dr. Janice Banks (Texas), Robert Posner (Texas), Dr. Cameron Lane (Arkansas), Will Harmon (Arkansas), and Rodney Yerby (Alabama).