Randall House to release The Free Will Baptist Handbook Second Edition.

(Nashville, Tennessee) On July 25, 2022, Randall House and Dr. J. Matthew Pinson will release The Free Will Baptist Handbook Second Edition.

About the book: This book introduces who Free Will Baptists are, where they came from, what they believe, and what God is presently doing through them.

Features include: The book helps people understand the history and distinctives of Free Will Baptists. It also provides self-standing chapters that can be read independently. The book includes a detailed index of people, places, and topics mentioned in the book.

About the author: Dr. J. Matthew Pinson has served as president of Welch College, where he also serves as professor of theology, for twenty years. After attending Welch, he earned a B.A. and M.A. from the University of West Florida and an M.A. in religion from Yale University, where he met his wife Melinda, also a graduate student at Yale. He went on to complete coursework for a Ph.D. in history with a minor in historical theology from Florida State University and earned an Ed.D. in Higher Education/Leadership from Vanderbilt University. Before going to Welch, he served as a pastor of churches in Alabama, Connecticut, and Georgia for twelve years. A prolific writer, Pinson has authored, co-authored, or edited more than ten books and a number of articles. He speaks widely at conferences and churches and serves on several boards. He and Melinda have been married for twenty-eight years and have two grown children, Anna and Matthew.

Contact: Lena Wooten

Director of Marketing

(615) 361-1221 ext. 308


Youth Conference This Week

We are so thrilled and blessed that so many have signed up to attend the Alive Youth Conference 2022! We are already praying for what God will do in and among us next week! Please be in prayer for our speaker and all that have a part in making this youth conference happen!

Please find attached the final schedule as of today for the conference. Please let me know, or any of the other CE Board members (Chuck Lysaker, Doug Dickey, and Chris Willhite) if you have any questions.

If you registered before the May deadline, you will receive your t-shirts at check-in. If you registered after the deadline, and would still like to get a shirt, I will work with you to get them printed and sent to you after the event.

Just a few reminders:
Please make sure you chaperone your group at all times.
Dress code as a reminder – modest dress; midriffs must be covered, shorts to fingers or longer, no negative or vulgar slogans on t-shirts, no leggings or skintight exercise pants/shorts.
Inner Space Caverns is a WARM cave. It will be about 80 degrees and humid inside for your planning purposes.
Don’t forget everyone will need socks for bowling at Main Event if they will bowl.
Service Project will be hanging door hangers in the adjoining neighborhood to the church so bring sunscreen.
Payment for groups will be made at registration via check or cash.
We cannot wait to see you next week on Wednesday!! We are praying for a safe trip for all of you and for the hearts of your youth to be open and responsive!!

Teressa Voltz

State Meeting Follow Up

To everyone,

Thanks so much to all who attended and contributed to this year’s State Meeting, particularly to our hosts at First FWB Church in Duncanville! We enjoyed seeing everyone and hearing about activities and events across the state and across the denomination. I have two follow-up items from the State Meeting to bring to your attention:

Just a reminder that if you are attending the National Convention in Birmingham next month, you are not a standing delegate (i.e. ordained minister or deacon) or elected church delegate, and you are planning to attend the business session and would like to serve as a state delegate, please reply to me and let me know. The state association is allowed to have five delegates, appointed by me, and I would like to fill all of those positions if possible.
I just received word this afternoon that a person in attendance at the State Meeting on Wednesday evening and Thursday has tested positive for COVID-19 today. While we do not know whether this person might have contracted COVID before the State Meeting, we believe it is prudent to let you know that so you can take the steps you deem appropriate for your own health.



Marcus Brewer

Moderator/State Office Coordinator

Texas State Association of Free Will Baptists

P.O. Box 2716

Bryan, TX 77805-2716

(979) 774-3125



Books by Forelimes

What were the founders’ intentions regarding the church-state relationship in the public square and public institutions? In Secularism and the American Republic, F. Leroy Forlines considers these important questions about our nation. In the end, he argues against the secularist idea of strict church-state separation. Instead, he promotes the view of the reasonable accommodation of church and state, holding that the founders intended that the state accommodate religion as a middle way between legal separation and legal establishment.

Forlines establishes this position through the use of historical and legal analyses. Key to Forlines’s contention is his interaction with the writings of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, chief architects of the American vision for church-state relations. He also examines the origins and growth of secularism and analyzes key court cases, including Everson v. Board of Education (1947) and McCollum v. Board of Education (1948). Not only does he show that the founders were not secularists, but he also traces the history of secularism as a movement.

Forlines demonstrates the contrast between America’s founding and the origins and growth of secularism. Understanding this contrast, and supporting the intentions of America’s founders, profoundly impacts the interpretation of the First Amendment and the future of religious liberty.

In The Apologetics of Leroy Forlines, J. Matthew Pinson brings together select writings of F. Leroy Forlines on apologetics and the knowledge of God. He begins the volume with a lengthy essay on the apologetics of the foremost systematic theologian of the modern Free Will Baptist Church and the contemporary Reformed Arminian movement.

“Most of my approach to apologetics has derived from conversations with Leroy Forlines. The word apologetics appears only a handful of times in his published writings. He tends more to use terms like epistemology, testing worldviews, metanarratives, and paradigms. As I began to encounter students who were interested in apologetics, I would talk to them about Forlines’s approach. Yet they were at a loss because he had never spelled out in detail, in one place, an approach to apologetics. So for some time I have wanted to write something on the apologetics of Leroy Forlines and to reprint and examine his writings on epistemology, worldview thinking, postmodernity, and secularism, distilling his basic approach to apologetics. This book and my essay herein represent a modest fulfillment of that goal.” —J. Matthew Pinson

Education Funds

Building an Education Fund
Are you looking ahead to plan for a child’s college expenses? Financing a college education extends beyond the cost of tuition. (Don’t forget about books, materials, housing, and food!) Here’s a handy FREE tool to help you calculate the total amount you’ll need to save!

See the link for details:



“Pride Month can feel daunting. Especially knowing that your kiddos’ cartoons are going to promote the LGBTQ+ worldview. But take heart mamas. As Dr. Doug Flanders encourages, “Parents aren’t meant to child-proof the world, but world-proof the child.” Use what the world is giving you to speak the truth and shine a light in the darkness.”

To read the fill article visit: https://mamabearapologetics.com/prepping-pride-month/

Youth Conference – Last Call

If your group has not registered for the Alive Youth Conference being held at Lakehills Church June 15-18, it is not too late, but almost!! Even though it is too late to get a t-shirt, there is still time to register for the conference! Please find the flyer attached and register immediately!! Your teens do not want to miss this!! The last chance for registration needs to be received by Friday, June 10!! Don’t Delay – Register Today!!
CE Board

WNAC at Nationals

Laughter & Latté

“WNAC’s Laughter & Latté event will be held Monday night, July 25, at 8:30 p.m. in the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. The event will include an ice cream sundae bar, coffee, entertainment, and fellowship.
Tickets for the event can be purchased through Convention Pre-Registration. You can save $5 per ticket by ordering them in advance.”

Visit https://nafwb.org/convention/ for more details.