Know Your Community

” What FWB Pastors Are Saying About KYC

  • “Every church should utilize this resource to help you know how to pray for your community and build strategic goals to reach them.”
  • “The KYC process was a shot in the arm for our church in fostering a culture of evangelism and outward-oriented thinking.” 
  • “The results of the Know Your Community [report] help us know the pulse of our community and where we can begin building relationships with these people in order to have Gospel conversations with them.”
  • “Know Your Community has helped us understand how to love our neighbor better, and has equipped and encouraged me as a pastor to lead our church as we do that!”

Dr. Eddie Moody highlighted some of the research data in an article in the February-March issue of ONE Magazine: “What the Data Tells Us: Lessons From Know Your Community.”

Find out how to order a report for your church and its community at “


Missions Update

“Our missionaries in Svishtov, Bulgaria, shared an exciting update! “Praise God, we have found a new bigger place to meet on Sundays in Svishtov and today was our first service there! We also have a new church van, so can take to church disabled and elderly people. So very grateful! Thank you, for your prayers!” (Picture attached)

The Edgmons recently hosted a marriage seminar at their church in Spain. They shared, “We enjoyed visiting together, a fun game led by Sam and Lauren Riggs (our teammates), and biblical teaching on marriage. Please pray with us for the married couples in our church that they would continue to build their relationships on the firm foundation of Christ.”

Satan Isn’t Even Hiding Anymore

There’s a common, possibly overused adage we hear a lot today. “The devil’s not even hiding it anymore.” Obviously this is in reference to evil, ungodly behaviors and attitudes we find more and more prevalent in our modern culture. Part of this being seen more clearly has to do with the abundance of media and social media platforms we have at our disposal. So within minutes to seconds, we have videos, comments, and tweets about what just happened. The Grammy’s just took place and everyone has chimed in with their opinions of how it went. “It was pure evil. I can’t believe they allowed this on tv.” “Well, it’s pretty obvious now. Satan’s not even trying to hide it anymore.” “C’mon people. There has always been evil out there. Are you really surprised?” “This isn’t evil. It’s just the Music Industry and Hollywood doing what they do. They’re just trying to get attention and stay relevant.”

I heard all of those statements and more. And it was from believers and unbelievers. In watching a recap of one of the songs called Unholy, you undoubtedly know they were trying to be provocative, edgy, and mock Christianity. Romans 1:18-32 comes to mind as you think about this particular display for our entertainment. Verse 24 speaks of how “God gave them over to the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.” One of the ways that they are presently degrading their bodies (it’s obviously sexual sins in general) is by sex changes. The push for normalizing gender confusion, gender identity, and gender fluidity, is influencing many to do harmful and irreversible damage to their bodies in the name of sexual freedom.

In fact, Kim Petras, whose song “Unholy”, caused her to win a Grammy. She made mention of the fact of how she is the first openly Transwoman to win the award. At the age of 16, she was allowed to undergo gender affirming surgery to become a woman. She won the award with Sam Smith, who has been on a journey themselves (identifies as they/them). Side note: sometimes I think we’re living in an episode of The Twilight Zone. He came out as homosexual a few years ago and has since claimed to be non-binary (some associate with a third gender, some with both genders, others no gender, and still others fluctuate back and forth).

With the entertainment industry, the recent Grammy’s, Half-time shows, movies, and much of our world now, we begin to see verse 30 on display before our eyes. “They invent ways of doing evil.” Not only that, but going a little further, verse 32 says, “Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.” It is sad times.

But enough of the calling out what we see in parts of our world. And to many who may be reading this and say, “This is all you guys, the church do. You just point fingers, call everyone unholy, and shame people. No love.” That’s not my purpose in highlighting this. For some, I just want you to recognize what is happening. To others, I want you to wake up and see the need for the church to step up and be bold, courageous, and share the truth. For everyone, I want you to see the need for love, which means we be the light by going to the darkest corners of the world and speak the truth in Jesus.

My simple thoughts about what is happening in our world and what the response of the Christian is twofold: the church must live consistent, biblical lives devoted to loving God and others. And secondly, our approach to the unbelieving world (of which loving others is included) is the share the gospel. 1 Corinthians 5:12-13 says the church judges each other and we let God judge the unbelieving world. We judge each other by being accountable, involved, mentoring and teaching each other how to follow Jesus by following His word. We do this by checking our hearts and making sure we’re not hypocritical (Matt. 7:1-5).

And with the unbelieving world: we can’t hold them under the same standards as Christians hold to. They don’t believe in God, so it is irrelevant to them. So what do we do? We share the gospel. They must meet Him and come to Him, before they see the need and necessity to follow Him.

Yes, our world seems to imploding before our very eyes. That is, morally speaking. I heard one pastor say, “We’re worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.” What if we are? Billy Graham once said, “I keep looking for retirement in the Bible, but I can’t find it.” The same thing goes for the church. For all Christians. Our mission as the church on this planet is always the same. The scenery may change, but the mission doesn’t. Jesus prayed a very fitting prayer over His disciples in John 17, which I believe applies for all believers, for all times. “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.”

People are in need. The world is dark, yes. But the light of Jesus, His message, His saving message of hope and salvation, can pierce, illuminate, and completely overtake any darkness there is. People are in need, yes. And the devil isn’t hiding anymore with his attack. Where is the church? It is time we shine the light in every dark crevice there is on this planet.  

CTS Ministry Expo Deadlines and Information

“CTS Ministry Expo is approaching already. The date for the district competition (if it is needed) is Saturday, May 6, 2023, at Connect Church beginning at 1:00 pm. If you have students who will be competing in CTS Ministry Expo this year, please fill out the correct forms and send them to Teressa Voltz, The deadline to register the students and receive the forms is Wednesday, April 26, 2023. Payment can be made on the day of the competition.
If you need information or the proper forms, follow these steps:
Click on Ministries
Click on CTS
Click on Free CTS Resources
Click on Event Entry Forms

If you would like to purchase the Guidelines book, click on CTS Store, then CTS Ministry Expo Guidelines.

Going forward, the CTS Ministry Expo district competition will always be held the first Saturday in May each year.

Questions? Feel free to email Teressa Voltz or call 832-647-3458. “

Thank you!
The CE Board

Men’s Conference Registration and Information

“If there are any men still interested in attending the Regenerate Men’s Conference and haven’t registered yet, please let Teressa Voltz know by emailing her at The cost is $150 and the dates are February 23-25, 2023. If you cannot join us for the whole time, come join us when you can. Questions? Email any CE Board member. You don’t want to miss it!!”

Simmons Update

The Simmons wrote, “The expansion of the airstrip is going well! The guys are making good progress. We hope to be finished by our next flight to Nairobi, Lord willing. The best part? Suruai is meeting with them, before and after their work, and they are having great spiritual discussions. Pray that the Lord will bring about much spiritual fruit in hearts as these men come to do hard physical work.” 

Family Resource

“Randall House & D6 Family Ministry to release War in the Wilderness: Fight For Your Family When Life Isn’t As It Should Be.
(Nashville, Tennessee) On March 7, 2023, Randall House & D6 Family Ministry and Brian Haynes will release War in the Wilderness: Fight For Your Family When Life Isn’t As It Should Be.
About the book: This book dares to win, equipping people of faith to fight victoriously, especially for family, when life is not as it should be.
Features include: Readers will gain an understanding of the reality of the spiritual wilderness in which they live, love, and lead their families, while overcoming fears about the warfare their family will face.
About the author: Brian Haynes, D.Min., has served the church locally and globally as a ministry leader and pastor for over 25 years. His work focuses on family, parenting, and discipleship. As a husband and father, Brian has led his family through the spiritual warfare, and he shares his experience of fighting for family when life isn’t as it should be.”

Contact: Lena Wooten
Director of Marketing
(615) 361-1221 ext. 308

Edgmon Update

The Edgmons shared an update. “This past Sunday (February 5), Anthony had the privilege of preaching in our sister church in Galapagar, Spain. This church (which will always be the Villalba church in my heart) is so special to us. Every time we return it is a joy to catch up with some members of the congregation who have known us 20-plus years. We will always be grateful for their encouragement and patience with us when we were young missionaries. It’s also wonderful to meet all the people God is adding to this congregation too. Please pray for this group of believers as they impact their community for Christ.”