Randall Job Opportunity

“Start Date: January 2022

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Randall University seeks an individual called to serve as registrar. As the current registrar is retiring, there will be a significant onboarding process in order to train for institutional responsibilities. Core competencies include: organizational skills and interpersonal skills.


The Registrar assumes primary responsibility for the overall planning, organization, direction, and leadership of the administrative and operational activities of the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar is responsible for maintaining the accuracy, integrity, confidentiality, and security of all student academic records. The Registrar works collaboratively with Chief Academic Officer and other school offices (Admissions, Student Accounts, Financial Aid, etc.) to ensure that effective records and registration policies and procedures are implemented.

The Registrar is appointed by the Chief Academic Officer and serves at the pleasure of the President of the University.


The Registrar shall be a person who has received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who is in agreement with the Biblical Foundations Statement of the University and with the Treatise of the Faith and Practices of Free Will Baptists, which can be found here: https://ru.edu/about-randall/what-we-believe/biblical-foundations/. The Registrar shall maintain membership in a local evangelical Protestant church. The individual must be a person of spiritual maturity and sincere commitment to Jesus Christ. The individual must reflect the purposes of the University and be a consistent representative of the institution.

The Registrar shall possess the necessary academic qualifications for this position. A Master’s Degree from an accredited institution is required.


The Registrar is directly responsible to the Chief Academic Officer.


The Registrar shall

• Demonstrate knowledge of FERPA and other relevant federal policies affecting student records
• Demonstrate knowledge of accepted higher education practices related to the Registrar’s work
• Demonstrate excellent analytical, managerial, oral, and written communication and interpersonal skills
• Demonstrate ability to work effectively with a diverse group of administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni
• Demonstrate excellence in customer service while maintaining compliance with policies


The Registrar shall:

  1. Be a role model in attitude, speech, and conduct maintaining a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ.
  2. Show by example the importance of Scripture reading, prayer, witnessing, and Christian service.
  3. Follow the principles outlined in Matthew 18:15-20 when dealing with students, parents, faculty, staff, and administration.
  4. Encourage students to accept God’s gift of salvation and grow in their faith.
  5. Lead others to fulfill the will of God both individually and collectively.


The Registrar is responsible for the overall planning, organization, direction, and leadership of the administrative and operational activities of the Registrar’s Office.

The Registrar:

  1. Generates, maintains, and stores permanent records of students and former students’ academic records.
  2. Receives, records and maintains documentation on final course grades
  3. Supervises the Registrar office staff.
  4. Directs the preparation and delivery of statistical reports on educational activities for government and educational agencies (IPEDS, State Regents, TRACS, etc).
  5. Serves to implement, explain and enforce the University’s academic policies with regard to student records, academic standing, registration, examinations, grading and graduation.
  6. Directs the compilation of information related to academic policies (i.e. graduation requirements, program descriptions) for school publications.
  7. Supervises the coordination, evaluation and certification of all graduation related matters (degree requirement audits, commencement lists, academic regalia, diplomas, etc).
  8. Supervises the evaluation and recording of additional academic credit through the review of transcripts from other institutions and determination of transferability of credits for transfer students.
  9. Oversees the preparation of Progress Reports (grade/attendance report, Academic discipline).
  10. Trains and advises faculty advisors on issues of academic placement, enrollment and use of the POPULI system.
  11. Supervise the scheduling and dissemination of course offerings and room assignments for optimum use of personnel, buildings, and equipment.
  12. Exchanges student information with other colleges and universities.
  13. Evaluates and prepares eligibility certification for intercollegiate sports teams.
  14. Directs the preparation of official student transcripts and enrollment verifications.
  15. Devel”

Simmons Great News

“We praise the Lord for 7 baptisms today in the river! 5 women, 1 man, and 1 youth were baptized from the Lekiji area. We praise God that we weren’t there, although we would have loved to witness the joyous event. Our goal has always been for the Samburu leaders to be empowered to do the ministry with us not needing to be present. So, today was a victory on so many levels!🙌❤️ Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Your good work!” Free Will Baptist International Missions

Christian Music?

Music is a huge part of our world. Certain songs come and immediately take you back to either a good time, or a bad time. They make you remember a first love, or even your favorite summer when you were a kid. My choice in music has definitely changed over the years. When I was a kid, most of what I listened to is music I would ground my daughter, if I found it on her playlist now. My first CD was in 1993 and it was Snoop Dogg’s first album. A couple of weeks ago, however, I went to a Crowder concert. My music taste has changed…for the better! 

I’ve been in ministry for long enough now to see different styles and various bands and musicians’ music played throughout church worship. Now I love contemporary worship. I love singing Crowder. There’s something about exciting, powerful, God-filled music to lift you. I even love some of the old hymns as well. You can even do a little mix of the two and have an older hymn done in a slightly newer way. Music has the power to change your mood and assist in leading you to worship the King of Kings. 

My critique, as of late, however, has to do with the lyrics and the influence of the bands and churches that are behind the music. I remember being younger and hearing the anger and frustration from older church members (I still choose to believe they were older than I am now) with songs that weren’t hymns done in the 1900’s and before. Now, while I’m not espousing all new music is wrong (sing to the Lord a new song -Ps. 96:1) and that hymns are the only way, a lot of modern worship today needs a biblical makeover. It’s not the music style, but the words, or lack of theology that should be in the songs that I am most critical of.  I find myself asking a few questions when considering a song:

Is this song Biblically accurate?

That’s the easiest and first thing we must consider. If it says something wrong and unbiblical, throw it out. I don’t care if the song strums every emotional chord in your body. Pastors and Teachers, you are called to watch over the church and the people (1 Pet. 5:2 and James 3:1). This includes what you allow to be taught or sung from the stage. Songs are more easily remembered. I wish everyone walked around all week and sung my sermons, but they don’t. I wish people drove down the road and screamed out my sermons in excitement as they’re on their way home. I’m almost certain they don’t. They do this with music. That’s why it’s especially important that we make sure the music is biblically sound and accurate.  

Does the song build up God, or us?

This is just a good point to remember, because it seems like many songs are trending towards us rather than God. Is the song too vague in it’s words? You know what I mean? Can the song be easily confused for being just another love song of one person to another? If so, it’s probably not appropriate for a worship setting. I say that, not because it is inherently bad, but to reiterate the first point. What point or teaching is the song sharing? If it’s too general and doesn’t clearly speak of God, then why use it?

Does the song come from a biblical and reputable source?

This is part of my own criteria. I have major issues with Bethel Church and the many heresies coming from their church and pastor. Research the issues and problematic theology being taught there. I have issues with Hillsong and the moral failures that seem to pop up in many of their churches. Not to mention that they have ties to Bethel as well. And then there’s Elevation. Steven Furtick has received a lot of criticism as of late. But sad to say, some of it seems to be warranted. Not that I pull for, or want anyone in ministry to receive criticism. I have received enough of my own to not want to wish it on anyone. However, we have an extremely important mission to speak the gospel truth and keep the church pure. If someone is abusing that power, they must be called out, corrected, and not followed (Matthew 7:15-20). 

So some, or maybe even many of the songs coming from these churches and bands connected to these ministries might be doctrinal sound with no problems. My caveat with using them, though, is that someone may see their names attached to the song and wrongly assume that their teaching is ok. By using them in worship, we may inadvertently lead someone to follow their teachings. 

I’m sure you can find more points of discussion on this very important topic. These are just a few simple ones I think we can all follow. All songs aren’t bad. New music isn’t to be shunned. It’s more of the lazy, general, non-biblical music that we must recognize and change. I even started writing some of my own music. My hindrance is I am not musical, so it’s hard to put my words into song. I’ve thought that maybe pastors, teachers, and writers can begin to move into the realm of songwriting. At least work in unison with gifted musicians. If we care about speaking God’s truth. If we care about the church and making sure everything we do is true, biblical, and uplifting, then we must examine what we sing.  

CE Board Support for Students

“The CE Board would like to support all Texas students who are going to be on Truth and Peace and eTeam this summer. We know that includes Thomas Wilhite (eTeam)l, Katelyn Ferguson (T&P and eTeam) and Elisa Howell (T&P).  If you know of any others, please email Teressa Voltz as soon as possible. mtvoltz@consolidated.net  Thank you!”

Thank you CE Board for encouraging our youth with your support!


Meaningful Gift Idea for Kids

Clubhouse Magazine is a great gift that keeps giving. “Looking for ways to help your kids make their faith their own and understand more about God? Every month Focus on the Family Clubhouse® magazine (for ages 8-12) is packed with awesome stories, jokes, puzzles and quizzes. To help your child get the most out of each issue, please check out the discussion guides below that unpack the theme of each magazine. These questions and discussion starters encourage spiritual discipleship and provide an easy way for your family to deepen your faith in God.”

Visit the website to purchase and to get more information: https://store.focusonthefamily.com/kids-magazines/

Elisa Howell Accepted to Truth and Peace

“Hey everyone, I made it into Truth and Peace, a Free Will Baptist leadership conference! I am raising money so I can go on the trip next summer. I will go to Nashville, Tennessee for the first week, then will go to Birmingham, Alabama. The trip will be July 13th through July 27th. Thank you for your prayers and support!”

Donate at: https://app.managedmissions.com/MyTrip/elisahowell1

D6 2022

Why This Theme?

“We all need a RESET from time to time. Coming out of a crisis requires us to evaluate what changed and what stays the same. The shock, confusion, and stress of disruption often cause leaders to misjudge priorities. We chose the theme RESET for D6 2022 to help you in three ways: value the past, look forward, and equally important, the time to properly evaluate without hasty predictions.

The RESET logo has two built-in arrows, one turning back to ensure we reboot from scriptural discipleship principles. The second arrow looks forward by applying those discipleship principles as church and home have changed. By spring 2022, the wisdom gained over time will accurately show where we need to focus while moving forward. Make plans now for your whole team to RESET together.”

More information and registration at: https://d6family.com/d6conference/

Katelyn Ferguson Accepted to Truth and Peace

“About My Trip

I am honored to have been selected for the Truth and Peace Student Leadership Conference 2022. I would appreciate your prayers for myself and the rest of the T&P team. If you would like to support me financially, please click the donate button. Thank you for all of your prayers and support.
– Katelyn Ferguson”

Donate at: https://app.managedmissions.com/StripeDonation/katelynferguson2

About Randall House

Vertical Three is a ministry of Randall House Publications and it exists to help students discover their talents, develop their leadership, and dedicate their hearts for faithful service to God.