Carthage Church Holds Revival

Each night featured robust congregational singing, and joyous special music was provided by Carthage’s praise team and various soloists from around the district. Brother Shane King (First, Carthage) was a great host, and his passion was contagious, as he prayed and pleaded with his own congregation and visiting churches to come together as one in Christ.

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Midweek Missions Moment

Culture is a hot button issue in our society. It seems that not a day can go by without hearing of some disturbance between generations and races. Indeed, it seems like there is no end in sight to these tensions as each side becomes more entrenched in their view each day. This has a detrimental effect on the church as it serves to introduce schisms in the body of Christ.

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Clyde Gillentine Honored

Clyde and Marie have touched many lives in their 54 years of ministry to Free Will Baptists and serve as an example for each of us to follow in being committed to serving the Lord, not just in a local church, but in any role that we can fill in the service of the Kingdom of God.

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