The Theology Of Being Distracted By God

On numerous occasions and in various contexts, my wife and daughter like to point out to me, and consequently whoever happens to be in the vicinity, that I am easily distracted. At least I think that’s what they say…I don’t always listen.  Typically when we think about the word distraction, it has a negative connotationContinue reading “The Theology Of Being Distracted By God”

May Central Tx Meeting Cancelled

“I hope you, your family and Church are staying healthy and making the most of our difficult times. During these unprecedented times we are all struggling with how to ‘do’ Church services and stay in touch with our people. May God truly lead you and Bless you. Due to the ongoing COVID19 crisis and concernsContinue reading “May Central Tx Meeting Cancelled”

Directories – Please Check Your Information

“Hi everyone, See the note below that the national FWB directory has moved online.  Please visit the site and check your church’s information to verify that it is correct. (While you’re at it, if you haven’t checked the state online directory in awhile, please visit and verify your information there as well.)   I hope you allContinue reading “Directories – Please Check Your Information”

Pray for our Colleges and Universities

“As our faculty and staff return to campus today, we ask that you remember our university in prayer as we begin the training to move our courses online. Everyone is hard at work to ensure that Randall University is able to fulfill the mission God has entrusted to us. Please pray with us as weContinue reading “Pray for our Colleges and Universities”

Randall Campus Days Cancelled

CAMPUS DAYS UPDATE: “Due to the current events surrounding COVID-19, Randall University has made the decision to cancel our upcoming Campus Days scheduled for March 26-28. While this is unfortunate, we believe this is the best decision for our students as well as any visitors to our campus. Please reach out to the Director ofContinue reading “Randall Campus Days Cancelled”

Truth and Peace Update

“Truth & Peace Leadership Conference and Youth Evangelistic Team (YET)Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19) These are challenging times as we navigate the current global health concerns. Vertical Three Ministries is actively following the developing news regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), especially as it relates to this summer’s activities on the campus of Randall University, and the VIIIContinue reading “Truth and Peace Update”

D6 App Resource for Churches

“Like you, I have watched and read where so many church services are being canceled or live streamed. State meetings for the next few weeks are also now being postponed or canceled. With the idea of discipleship not being restricted to a church location or service but an activity that we engage in daily, thisContinue reading “D6 App Resource for Churches”