Randall Soccer

“Waxahachie, TX – The Saints traveled to Waxahachie, TX last Saturday to take on the SAGU Lions.  The Saints dominated this match winning 4-1.  Brayden Carter scored the first goal of the game 7:00 min in.  Dylan Ellis scored the second goal of the game one minute after the half.  Gabriel Bermudes and Renan Lara also scored their own goals towards theContinue reading “Randall Soccer”

Welch Leadership

Welch College has initiated a leadership transition in the Department of Teacher Education, according to Provost Dr. Matthew McAffee. Stephen Beck has been named Associate Undergraduate Dean and will assume more responsibility overseeing students in teacher education, effective immediately.  For more information about teacher education at Welch, please contact Etta Patterson at 615-675-5310or epatterson@welch.edu.

Quarterly Report

Greetings from the State Office and the Executive Board!  This quarterly update provides a brief recap of another busy summer.  This year’s State Meeting, the  105th Annual Session, was held June 5-6 in Abilene, hosted by the Heritage Parks FWB Church.  The  theme was “Local Church Transformation”, with keynote speaker Rev.  Charles Cook from Cookeville,  Tennessee providing thought‐provoking messages and leading an insightful discussion in the Thursday  morning Ministry Conference.  The New Mercy ministry team from Welch College did a fantastic job providing our music during the evening services and the TWAC Thursday morning worship service.   For next year’s meeting, we will be hosted by the Lakehills FWB Church in Cedar Park; the specific date of the 2020 meeting will be announced when details are finalized with the host church, but it will likely  be the first or second week of June.  We also accepted the gracious  invitation of the First FWB Church in Duncanville to host the 2021  meeting, so we will look forward to returning to the Metroplex soon.  We experimented with a shorter State Meeting schedule this year,  combining all of the business activities into one session on  Thursday afternoon.  Some have provided their feedback on the schedule,  but if you have not yet done so, please let us know what you liked about  the schedule and meeting  arrangements, as well as what you  think we  can improve on.  The Executive Board saw some turnover at this year’s meeting, as some  members had either moved out  of state or desired to take on a different  role within the association.  Following the results of the  elections  at this year’s meeting, the Executive Board for 2019‐2020 is as follows:  Moderator: Marcus Brewer (Fellowship, Bryan)  Assistant Moderator: John Collier (New Beginnings, Bryan)  Clerk: Kevin Williford (First, Duncanville) Assistant Clerk: Wesley Hood (Lakehills, Cedar Park)  Board Member‐at‐Large: Richard Rust (Faith, Wichita Falls)  Our other boards also saw some new members added to their ranks this  year.  You can see the entire list  of our boards and officers,  along with  contact information, on our website at: http://www.texasfwb.org/boards.shtml   One other item for consideration is a motion from the Texas Women  Active for Christ to amend our  constitution to change their status from  an auxiliary organization to a standing board within our  association.   Per their request, the motion was tabled to be considered and acted upon at the 2020  meeting.  If you have questions about this proposed  change, or you would like a copy of the amendment  text to review,  please contact the State Office.  One additional change at this year’s meeting was the Executive Board’s  decision to formally hire Kyle  Howell (Authentic, Victoria) as the new  editor of the Texas Challenge, assisted by his wife, Beth.  If you  have previously subscribed to the Challenge, you have already seen a  number of posts containing, news,  updates, and commentary  over the last month and a half.  We look forward to seeing and sharing Continue reading “Quarterly Report”

North America Missions Offering

“Our department is once again preparing for the annual Mission North America Offering. We are hoping and praying that–once again–God can bless our offering and use it to help our department grow and continue to make an impact. In order to make this possible we ask that you be willing to help.” God Bless, ToriContinue reading “North America Missions Offering”

Welch College’s Biblical Stance Against Transgenderism

Statement from Welch College President Matt Pinson While we cannot comment on an individual student’s case, Welch College believes that all persons are created in God’s image and thus have inherent dignity and should be treated with respect, compassion, and love. The College holds that God created humanity in two distinct and complementary sexes: maleContinue reading “Welch College’s Biblical Stance Against Transgenderism”

Dr. Marberry’s New Commentary

Dr. Thomas Marberry, Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Randall University, has recently completed a new biblical commentary on the Gospel of Luke for the twelfth edition of the Randall House Commentary Series. Besides a verse-by-verse study method, Dr. Marberry also provides excellent summaries of passages and application notes for teaching the passages of Luke. ThisContinue reading “Dr. Marberry’s New Commentary”