Welch College Announces Nursing Scholarships, Information Session

“Welch College has announced new, $1,000 incentive scholarships for eligible students desiring a career in Nursing, according to Dr. Ian Hawkins, Nursing program coordinator at Welch. “Through the Welch Education Nursing Collaborative, the college offers a seamless 4-year path to a bachelor’s degree in Nursing,” Hawkins said. “New students who apply at Welch by MayContinue reading “Welch College Announces Nursing Scholarships, Information Session”

Randall March Campus Days

“Campus Days: Find Your Place! Join us on March 26–28, 2020! Designed specifically for high school students, “Campus Days” is a unique opportunity to get a firsthand taste of life on a college campus. Come and see for yourself what it’s like to be a Randall Saint! See pictures and hear about our recent CampusContinue reading “Randall March Campus Days”