WNAC Director Search

The WNAC board has not been satisfied with the results of the application process for the director search. Therefore, the board has taken a proactive approach to seek potential candidates. The salary package is being adjusted and the director’s role transformed to fulfill the vision of Free Will Baptist women’s ministry. If you know aContinue reading “WNAC Director Search”

State Meeting and Yearbook

Hi everyone, Just a short note to say thanks to all those who made this year’s State Meeting a success, particularly Wes and Marsha Hood and our hosts at Lakehills FWB Church in Cedar Park!  We appreciate everything that they did to make us feel at home! Kyle and Beth Howell assembled this year’s Yearbook,Continue reading “State Meeting and Yearbook”

One Magazine

One Magazine is available online any time at: http://onemag.org/aprmay2021.htm You can also register to receive a copy at: http://onemag.org/subscribe.htm Here’s one sample of MANY articles and news stories in One Magazine: FIRST GLIMPSE: Hidden Treasure? A driftwood fire crackled merrily, and the smoky smell of coffee wafted through the cool morning air. Easing back onContinue reading “One Magazine”

The 107th Annual Texas State Meeting

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that it was great to be back together with a semblance of normalcy. But, what is normal anymore? If you attended you would have felt the same sense of happiness and sense of urgency to spread the gospel. Part of the experience of being at theContinue reading “The 107th Annual Texas State Meeting”