Pray for Students Starting School Soon

From Randall University’s webpage: “Our fall semester is officially kicking off beginning on August 12! Students: if you are not enrolled, you need to get with your advisor to get prepared for the fall semester! We look forward to welcoming you to our campus, again or for the first time! More information will be givenContinue reading “Pray for Students Starting School Soon”

Randall’s New Chair and Director of Christian Ministry

“Randall University is proud to announce Dr. Stephen Ashby as our new Chair and Director of Christian Ministry! We are looking forward to all Dr. Ashby will bring to Randall this Fall! President Robert G. Thompson is proud to announce that Dr. Stephen Ashby will serve as the Chair and Director of Christian Ministry atContinue reading “Randall’s New Chair and Director of Christian Ministry”

Beautiful Update from the Simmons

“Testimonies heard today: “Before I gave my life to Jesus, I was angry & beat my kids for the smallest reasons; I don’t do that anymore.” “I put the Word of God & church as first priority. If an animal gets lost on a church/discipleship day, I don’t go looking for it—I go to studyContinue reading “Beautiful Update from the Simmons”

Kids and Parents Baptism Resource

“On July 18 Randall House will release Baptism: For Kids and Parents, a new resource for parents and anyone who works with children. This easy to read booklet is the perfect resource to help children better understand what baptism is all about. Baptism: For Kids and Parents is a very affordable resource every pastor, children’s pastor, and parentContinue reading “Kids and Parents Baptism Resource”