Randall House to release The Free Will Baptist Handbook Second Edition.

(Nashville, Tennessee) On July 25, 2022, Randall House and Dr. J. Matthew Pinson will release The Free Will Baptist Handbook Second Edition. About the book: This book introduces who Free Will Baptists are, where they came from, what they believe, and what God is presently doing through them. Features include: The book helps people understandContinue reading “Randall House to release The Free Will Baptist Handbook Second Edition.”

State Meeting Follow Up

To everyone, Thanks so much to all who attended and contributed to this year’s State Meeting, particularly to our hosts at First FWB Church in Duncanville! We enjoyed seeing everyone and hearing about activities and events across the state and across the denomination. I have two follow-up items from the State Meeting to bring toContinue reading “State Meeting Follow Up”

Books by Forelimes

What were the founders’ intentions regarding the church-state relationship in the public square and public institutions? In Secularism and the American Republic, F. Leroy Forlines considers these important questions about our nation. In the end, he argues against the secularist idea of strict church-state separation. Instead, he promotes the view of the reasonable accommodation ofContinue reading “Books by Forelimes”

Education Funds

Building an Education FundAre you looking ahead to plan for a child’s college expenses? Financing a college education extends beyond the cost of tuition. (Don’t forget about books, materials, housing, and food!) Here’s a handy FREE tool to help you calculate the total amount you’ll need to save! See the link for details: https://ci6.googleusercontent.com/proxy/j71dtguAxGx7UHyg8bxwqXK4lGHZDxbnJ42-AHi4emWcR9VIoBgKI7NNBiJgAGgyX2ZMOu1UTSK_vb7Ag50fZ_JjupxEf4N90d-nbhx87P-NAat9Ddvs-q1xAtmMuPYga6oz7nYcvAoQ-qWygNQMuzAvvQ=s0-d-e1-ft#https://d31hzlhk6di2h5.cloudfront.net/20220511/07/b3/0e/6b/e1045d10dfb503511f9c2da4_192x192.jpeg


“Pride Month can feel daunting. Especially knowing that your kiddos’ cartoons are going to promote the LGBTQ+ worldview. But take heart mamas. As Dr. Doug Flanders encourages, “Parents aren’t meant to child-proof the world, but world-proof the child.” Use what the world is giving you to speak the truth and shine a light in theContinue reading “PREPPING YOUR KIDS FOR PRIDE MONTHby Amy Davison”

Youth Conference – Last Call

If your group has not registered for the Alive Youth Conference being held at Lakehills Church June 15-18, it is not too late, but almost!! Even though it is too late to get a t-shirt, there is still time to register for the conference! Please find the flyer attached and register immediately!! Your teens doContinue reading “Youth Conference – Last Call”

WNAC at Nationals

Laughter & Latté “WNAC’s Laughter & Latté event will be held Monday night, July 25, at 8:30 p.m. in the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. The event will include an ice cream sundae bar, coffee, entertainment, and fellowship.Tickets for the event can be purchased through Convention Pre-Registration. You can save $5 per ticket by ordering them in advance.”Continue reading “WNAC at Nationals”