Another Great Post from Shine!

“There are many opinions out there about teens and social media. Some say you shouldn’t have it at all, and others say it’s no big deal. But what does the Bible say? Since social media hasn’t been around for very long, the Bible doesn’t specifically talk about it. However, there was media back in Jesus’ […]

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Hodges Retirement

Hodges Announces Her Retirement From WNAC  Antioch, TN—During its monthly WNAC Board Zoom meeting, Tuesday, January 19, the WNAC Board accepted a notice of retirement from Executive Director Elizabeth Hodges, effective December 31, 2021.  Elizabeth submitted the official letter stating, “For several years, I have talked about God’s timing. In recent weeks, He has made […]

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Pray for the Tippett Family

“Mitchell Tippett, age 32, grandson of longtime Welch College employees, Bert (deceased) and Dianne Tippett, passed away yesterday, January 19, in Wilson, North Carolina, after an extended battle with colon cancer. Mitchell was a Welch alumnus and played for the Flames basketball team. Please be in prayer for Mrs. Dianne Tippett and his parents, Brian […]

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Tips from Shine!

“A lot of teenagers really want an adult who believes in them. If teens don’t have healthy relationships with adults, their confidence and self-worth can be lacking. They are less likely to develop strong communication and social skills that are needed. Teens who have the support of adults in their life often handle things such […]

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Less Burnout

If there was ever a time to talk about burnout, stress, and throwing up the white flag, that would be now. What a crazy, unpredictable time we’re living through now. Pastors, if you’re running out of material to use for end times illustrations and sermon topics, you might be in the wrong business! My daughter […]

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Bible Studies from WNAC

“In the January-March 2021 Treasure Study Guide, Amy Johnson, WNAC Board Chair, shares “Our upcoming theme for the 2021 Bible studies is ’20/20Vision.’ We are to fix our eyes upon Jesus, seeing things through God’s eyes, not our own. We must obey His instructions, draw close enough to God to get a clearer vision, and […]

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Shine! Advice

“Sometimes it can be really hard to get teenagers to open up, then when they do you may not know what to talk about. The normal, “how are you?” and “how is life going?” may not get you much of a response. Here are just a few questions that could help you start a great […]

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