Give Thanks

“Sometimes, I do not want to GIVE THANKS: The loss of health, lack of income, or the death of a loved one. It is in these times more important than ever to GIVE THANKS. No, not some flimsy thank you, but a HEARTY THANK YOU. Today let me be careful as I give thanks, not […]

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Analogy from a Church Member

“If you walk up to the White House, try to enter and say “I know the president, let me in!”… You’ll be met with secret service and a heavy show of force. It’s not enough. They will NOT let you enter. But…. If you walk up and the President says “I know him. Let him […]

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2021 NOMINEES REQUESTED The 2020-2021 Nominating Committee, which will serve through the national convention in Memphis, Tennessee, is prepared to receive nominees for the 2021 election, according to Jeff Blair (OK), committee chairman. The committee will meet in December via ZOOM and compile a report offering a single nomination for each position to be filled. The report will […]


Right And Almost Right

I’ve got an affinity for hearing things wrong. Usually when my family and I go through a drive-thru, I stop them from telling me what they want, lean back, and then tell them to proceed by telling the intercom themselves. It just cuts out the middleman (me). I’ve been known to forget it from their […]

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Be Good For Goodness Sake

Be good for goodness sake. This is a topic I discuss in my book that is coming out soon. If you’re singing a popular Christmas song right now, I apologize, but I am too. If we were to ask most people today what is the general purpose of everything and everyone, regardless of religion or […]

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Ministry Outreach at Randall

“October has been a month focused on community service at Randall University. Recently, we were able to partner with GoFresh to serve as a distribution site to people in our area. A produce provider out of Tulsa, GoFresh has been teaming up with the federal government to get fresh food into the hands of people […]

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