Texas State FWB Men’s Retreat

Men, join us for the Texas State Fee Will Baptist Men’s Retreat, October 19-20, 2018, at Camp of the Hills in Marble Falls, Texas. This year’s theme is Mission: Texas based on Romans 10:14-15a Scheduled speakers are: Heath Ferguson, Kyle Howell, Jeremy Lightsey, Randall Wright The cost is just $65 per person. See the scheduleContinue reading “Texas State FWB Men’s Retreat”

Master’s Men Prepares for Hurricane Florence

The following announcement is from Free Will Baptist Master’s Men Headquarters: As you are already aware, Hurricane Florence is headed for the eastern coast of the U S., specifically North and South Carolina. While it is set to make landfall some time on Thursday, we need to be preparing now. We will be corresponding withContinue reading “Master’s Men Prepares for Hurricane Florence”

New Feet Washing Book Published

  Thurmon Murphy, a retired Free Will Baptist Pastor, and former editor of The Texas Challenge, has authored a new book called Feet Washing: Heritage | Answers| Application, published by FWB Publications (Columbus. Ohio). As stated on the back cover: “This book explores the history of feet washing from the early days of the RandallContinue reading “New Feet Washing Book Published”

New Offers From Randall House

Randall House is excited to share with you a new book from The Randall House Bible Commentary Series: Acts by Danny Dwyer and General Editor, Robert E. Picirilli. They have two special promotions for you to check out for this informative resource. To purchase go to: store.randallhouse.com   Randall House is also running a promotion on the FirstContinue reading “New Offers From Randall House”

Randall House Releases First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts: Marriage

Randall House and author Edward E. Moody, Jr. Ph.D., have released First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts: Marriage. About the book: First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts: Marriage is a comprehensive resource for marriage counseling. Does a happy well functioning marriage seem out of reach to you? This booklet offers hope and direction toward aContinue reading “Randall House Releases First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts: Marriage”

Randall House Releases Family Ministry Book

Randall House and author Chris Shirley, Ph.D., have released Family Ministry and The Church: A Leader’s Guide For Ministry Through Families. About the book: Family Ministry and The Church: A Leader’s Guide For Ministry Through Families is a comprehensive resource on family ministry. Chris Shirley and his contributors provide a guide to establish a theologicalContinue reading “Randall House Releases Family Ministry Book”

Randall House Releases The Randall House Bible Commentary: Acts

Randall House and authors Danny L. Dwyer and Robert Picirilli have released The Randall House Bible Commentary: Acts. About the book: The Randall House Bible Commentary is a well-known commentary series with Dr. Robert Picirilli as the General Editor. This is the eleventh edition to the commentary series from Randall House. This edition offers aContinue reading “Randall House Releases The Randall House Bible Commentary: Acts”